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Allan Mayes is a veteran musician from Liverpool, England with over 40-years’ experience in the business and 10,000 plus live appearances.

Allan’s career as a solo musician started in 1969.  Performing solo & with Liverpool-based bands Medium Theatre, Severed Head, & Restless throughout the 1970’s, Allan has played the Cavern Club and shared stages in those early days with the likes of Genesis & Judas Priest.

TOP L-R: Allan Mayes, Elvis Costello, Alan Brown BOTTOM L-R Allan Mayes, Elvis Costello Courtesy of Allan Mayes

Allan & Declan MacManus, a.k.a Elvis Costello, also had a brief collaborating and performing partnership in the early 1970’s known as Rusty.  In October 1971, Rusty was originally formed with Allan Mayes & Alan Brown (both formerly of Medium Theatre), Dave Jago, and then Declan MacManus.  With Jago leaving & Brown off to Warwick University, Allan & Declan continued performing as solo musicians but carried on as Rusty, now a duo.  During this time, the two lads would pen the song, “Maureen and Dan”.  These characters would somewhat reemerge in the 1980 Elvis Costello song, “Ghost Train” only with Dan now referenced as Stan.  Later, Mayes would also change

Dan to Sam for his “Maureen and Sam” version on 1986’s Stumbling In The Aisle.  Allan & Declan made their final appearance together as Rusty on June 24, 1973.

Today, Allan is still playing music, and it has literally taken him around the world.  He has played across the UK & been on the road in Norway.  In the US, he played Tommy Rockers in Las Vegas, Nevada before going on
the road for 2-weeks in Alaska & has played 19 cities throughout Texas from El Paso to Corpus Christi to Wichita Falls to Beaumont.  A bit of a road warrior, he also made his way over to Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, & Tennessee performing in Tucson, Gainesville, Atlanta, Baton Rouge, & Memphis, respectively.  In 2006, Allan embarked on a successful career performing on cruise ships playing night after night to wonderful & responsive audiences whilst exploring six of the seven continents.  Allan is amazed by his good fortune & the experiences that music has afforded him over the years such as visiting the Pyramids, the Temple of Zeus, the Coliseum, Pompeii, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, Russia,
Iceland, Greenland, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa’s Cape of Good Hope, Jordan’s Lost City of Petra, being on the Amazon, through the Panama Canal, swimming in the Dead Sea, and the list goes on - All of this is the result of many years’ hard work; but, more importantly, it started with “a 16-year kid’s decision in 1969 to buy a guitar”.  After pretty much seeing, doing, & playing it all, Allan resumed a land-based career in the Austin, Texas area as a solo musician as well as performing with duo partner, LaDonna, as of 2014.

Allan is still playing…